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Become a detective and solve crimes with your friends! Or be a culprit in a crime that will try and cover all tracks that leads to finding out they are the culprit.
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The first event is opened and you can join until July 2. Click here to read about it. It is first case that will follow along plot of this RPG.


 James Gold - The Policeman

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PostSubject: James Gold - The Policeman   James Gold - The Policeman Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 12:30 pm

Name: James Gold
Codename: Daniel
Age: 26
Personality: Determined, humorous, patient, cheerful, honest, smart, moody, jealous, quiet, insecure, stubborn, selfish.


Likes: The law, catching criminals.
Dislikes: Criminals.
Skills: Sharpshooter. Is very accurate (Likely to hit 8/10 times) with firing pistols due to brilliant hand-eye co-ordination. He however, may be reckless and shoot before he can line up the shot, especially if the situation is a hectic one. This may lower his accuracy to only hit only 4/10 times, depending on how close the person he is shooting, is. (If point blank, then he is almost guaranteed to hit anyway. If a rooftop away, then mabye 2/10?)

Job: Policeman
History: His family was quite wealthy. James' mother worked as a banker for a Japanese bank, encouraging the family to move from America to Japan since she found she preferred the culture of the country to America's. However, since James was only seven at the time, his father declined the offer. At least, for then.

In school, James didn't perform particularly well in French classes. However, he was able to understand basic words, but he never managed to get the word order down. Instead, he took up a Japanese class in his free time and he found this easier for some reason. Perhaps it was his love for Japan (Since his mother worked there) that fuelled his motivation to learn the language over French, of which he had little motivation to learn? He learnt English/American as his first language.
James achieved grade B's and A's in most of his classes, the A's coming from Maths, ICT, Sciences and Geography. He scored B's in most of the other subjects such as RE.

It wasn't until a few years later that James found out his father was working for the FBI. However, like many people, he didn't know exactly what they did. For some of his friends, they didn't even exist. They just were. His discovery was at the time his father recieved a serious injury that made him decide on quitting... 
  His father, George Gold, had quit the FBI when he was 37 after a serious injury to his leg that impaired his walking.
  He worked at a shooting range in America, helping others practise target-shooting. He introduced his son (James Gold) to this "art" of shooting when he was 18, helping him to improve his hand-eye co-ordination. When he improved by leaps and bounds after a few sessions, George bought James a Ferrari, which he would use upon getting his driving license.
  However, when his father was killed by a common burglar during a break-in into his house, James swore he would join the FBI to avenge said death of his father. He didn't want to tell his mother about the terrible news but he knew she would find out someday. Until then, he wanted to pay back burglars on the damage they caused in his family. He trained every day, working on his accuracy in shooting weapons when not in college working for his bachelor's degree, which he eventually obtained in Law. He then took a Gap Year to go out to South Africa to investigate the levels of crime that were being reported there. He thought this would be ideal experience for looking at crime and gaining knowledge on how to tackle it in a new environment such as Japan.  
  James also worked for his driving license to be able to drive the Ferrari his father had bought him. He obtained this license on his second try, because of an error when he first took the practical. How was he to know what the double yellow lines meant?! (He does now!)

James then decided to move to Japan, to visit his mother. It was likely she would have heard about the terrible news of George Gold, but when she got to the bank she said she worked at, apparently her name was not even listed in the list of employees.
Baffled, James took out his BlackBerry phone to ring her.
No response.
  The case was taken up by the police who set up a search party to look for her, but with no success. The bank insisted she had never worked there, but when James investigated, their employees were apparently being paid large sums. The only explanation at that moment was that James' mother had vanished and the bank were covering it up, but they had no direct proof. The room that was supposed to be hers was cleaned so not even a fingerprint remained. The bank said the reason for this is that one of their employees had been fired and the cleaner had to clean it for the next occupant. The case was treated as a suspicious dissapearance.
  James however, had another idea. He kept it to himself though.

He later then applied to work for the FBI.
His dream was to find out who killed his father, what happened to his mother and to capture any and all future criminals he saw commiting criminalistic deeds. His hatred for crime was like a fire burning in his soul.

His family had no history of insanity or firearms abuse. They had a clean track record.

Role-play Sample: The windows were smashing all around them, sending glass shards everywhere. James leapt down, covering his head. However, his teammates weren't so lucky. He cursed, standing up again and taking cover as the light overhead flickered and the electritity in the flat failed. He had been ambushed, and he was going to find out who brought their enemies here! The main doors were locked, so could they be surveying this place from the roof...?
He kicked the door open with a yell and grinned as it flew off its hinges into the far wall, tumbling over the staircase of the apartment complex. He took a hard right, aiming to dash up the stairs to the next level, his shoes scraping the uneven poorly-built floor. Each of his paces was measured. His heart was beating quickly. He was admittedly, afraid, for he was likely to meet a foe upstairs. However, his determination kept him going.

He grabbed the rail, leaping up the stairs two at a time, his pistol drawn from his belt. When he reached the top, the building gave a violent shake and he had to grab onto the rail with both hands to prevent himself falling down the way he had just come.
"An earthquake, at this time? Couldn't Mother Nature leave us alone for once?" He chuckled at his poorly-timed joke. If he didn't get out of this building quickly, his suit wouldn't be the only flat thing here.
James continued running up the stairs until he reached the top, where a door lay between him and the roof. Taking a few seconds to collect his thoughts and breath, he decided to go along with this. After all, why else did he become an FBI agent if not to hunt down criminals?
He checked the handle. It was loose. The door opened noiselessly as James held his pistol high, close to the widening crack in the door...

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PostSubject: Re: James Gold - The Policeman   James Gold - The Policeman Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 12:45 pm

I can guess from where u copied this one Razz

(Since it has everything needed)

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James Gold - The Policeman
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