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Become a detective and solve crimes with your friends! Or be a culprit in a crime that will try and cover all tracks that leads to finding out they are the culprit.
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The first event is opened and you can join until July 2. Click here to read about it. It is first case that will follow along plot of this RPG.


 Teige Aleister

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Teige Aleister

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Name: Teige Aleister
Age: 21
Personality: Curious, Independent, Friendly, Angry.


Likes: Reading, Roses, Cards
Dislikes: Cops, Chocolate
Skills: Persuasion, Linguistics, Hand to hand.

Job: Unemployed
History: The only son of Malon and Alraune Aleister. Teige becomes enthusiastic about human life. At age 19 his parents were killed by thugs who robbed the house. Since then Teige dropped all his emotions for society. He chooses the life of a criminal.

Role-play Sample: Tossing in his bed, he tries to shake away the nightmares of his past. Shaken by this he awakes in his bed. The wind blows against the bare branches scratching against the window. He clenches his fist in rage as he sits up in his bed. Thinking in his head how he could have stopped it from happening. He jumps out of bed, darting towards the kitchen. Eying the knife rack he begins to ponder. Would he really be willing to shed blood for his rage on society? Loud creaks sends Teige's gaze to the stairs. He sees his father come down the stairs in his plain stripped pajamas. Teige turns sharply to the knife rack quickly grabbing the sharpest knife there. His father stopping at the second step of the stairs looking to his son with a curious look on his face. Teige turns to face his father looking to him as he holds a firm grip on the knifes handle. His father begins to shiver as he looks with fear to his sons eyes. Without thinking Teige sprints to his father gripping the knife in his left hand. His father turning up the stairs to run from his son. Teige reaching to grip his father's hand, suddenly grasping hold of it he uses all of his strength to pull his dad towards him. Teige lunges the knife towards his father's chest, finally striking him in the chest. Teige watches his father writhing in pain, the blood slowly dripping on the stairs. He then sits at the base of the stairs with his father's body with little life in him left, holding his father's body crying amidst the blood soon to puddle around him. ( I'm a beginner at this just trying my best. )
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Teige Aleister
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